Bird’s-eye View

I’ll admit up front that this parental review comes with a health warning,  I have not read this book.  My opinion is based solely on Layla’s impressions.  So I’ll mostly be sticking to the facts. However I am familiar with Walliams’ work, having enjoyed many a bedtime read with The Girl working through previous classics such as Grandpa’s Great Escape and Awful Auntie.  Having grown up on Roald Dahl and Roger McGough, I can safely say that Walliams deserves to dominate the children’s literature market. His trademark wit and unflinchingly honest approach to comedic storytelling means that he is the darling of children and adults alike. Just as Dahl did before him, Walliams treats kids like grownups. No patronising, sickly sweet ‘happy ever after’ here, thank you very much.

World’s Worst Children 2 is the sequel to Walliam’s blockbuster success published in May 2016.   Just like the original World’s Worst Children, this book contains a compendium of dastardly characters, a real rogues gallery.  I am assured that it won’t give your little angels any ideas (that they didn’t already have) and that it’s suitable for big kids and little kids alike.  Boys and girls aged from 5 to 55 will laugh out loud. Layla read this book excitedly in a day (yes, really), so that should say something. Any fans of Walliams will be entertained, regardless of age or gender.

PS:  I do not sanction Layla’s call in her review for children to buy the book in order to “learn how to be the world’s worst child”.  Any naughty behaviour from your offspring after they have read this book is entirely your responsibility!

World’s Worst Children 2 is available now from all  good bookstores.

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