About Blackbird on a Wire

Hey there, good looking!

I’m Ngozi, a thirty-something married mum of two, with a fun but often frantic life.  I love eating, drinking and sleeping – in that order!  More than that though, I love people.  I love getting to know their stories, where they’ve come from and where they’re headed.  If you’re a curious busibody like me, then Blackbird on a Wire is the place for you.  I look forward to getting to know you better.

A Bit About Me

A year ago my life was completely different.  I was working in a steady corporate job, trying to win the rat-race.  From the outside my life seemed great – good job, loving family, busy social life.  But inside I was falling apart.  The crunch came in the form of a breakdown.  I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and I eventually started this blog as a way to deal with it.  It seemed that the whole world was an angry, bleak and violent place and there was nowhere “nice” to go.  So I decided to find the good out there, the fun, the beauty, the entertainment and the love, and bring it together.  In so doing, Blackbird on a Wire was born.  I hope that in finding this positive and happy place for me, I have created one for you too.

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